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Kate Boytek

‘Growing Spiritually’ Book

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Have you ever watched a television show, heard a story, or maybe saw a magazine article in the grocery store checkout lane of someone somewhere that made their life better by practicing spiritual awareness? Surely, you have heard of this spiritual movement that so many are learning and applying to their lives, one by one, stating facts of the life changes and miracles they’ve received all by putting action behind this powerful knowledge. I’m sure you, like me, saw this and thought to yourself, Wow! That’s awesome – I want to learn that… How can I do that?
An immediate rush of excitement and anticipation floods your system as you think of the possibilities this could bring to your life. Then, without warning, a high-pitched scream startles you out of your daydream and your two-year-old, without saying a word, reminds you that you do not have extra time in your day to shower without an audience let alone spend hours studying these life-changing skills that may or may not work. 

Well, my fellow mothers, I invite you to take a small break of your world filled with cleaning, cooking, dirty diapers, after school ball games, birthday parties, laundry pile ups and the never-ending life of motherhood to grow with me on this amazing journey that’s going to change your life for the better. Even if you can only read a few pages while child number one is in school and child number two is napping, I promise you it will be worth it! So, put down those crayons you’re picking up and don’t even think about touching that Facebook app and let’s begin.

About the Author

K. Boytek is an American author born and raised in West Virginia. Her first book, Growing Spiritually with Schedules, Spouses, Toddlers, and Pre-Teens: An Unfiltered Guide for the Busy Mom Life, is based on her experience as a mother, as a former child victim advocate and from extensive self-education in mind, body, and spirit along with conscious parenting teachings. Her book is centered around spiritual awareness and mindful parenting. It serves as a self-growth guide on becoming a better person and parent. Growth is ever-flowing on the spiritual journey. It's never too late for anything. - K. Boytek

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